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Aesthetic Appeal

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The minimalist style of black, steel framed windows and doors provides an insignia of understated elegance. With the narrowest profiles and unobstructed views – light becomes your inspiration. Because all our products are handcrafted to your specifications, you can design exactly the look you want. Due to their superior strength, steel window profiles permit a unique, luxurious and high-end finish to any new development or renovation project. With today’s high performance glass possibilities, the sky’s the limit on your design potential.

Energy Efficiency

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Thermal efficiency is designed into every detail of our products and we meet Energy Star requirements in all US & Canadian markets. Steel has a 5 x’s lower thermal transmission rate than aluminum. Combined with our proprietary thermal break construction, enhanced weather stripping, double or triple insulated glass with energy efficient coatings and gas filled spaces – we provide outstanding U-value results for the colder regions of North America. For warmer regions, we utilize the same thermal break technology and add Solar Heat Gain Coefficient values to keep you cool at any temperature. As building code standards are demanding tougher energy requirements, we’re proud to be a leader in energy efficiency. Read about NFRC certification . .

Quality Assurance

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Quality begins with our company ethic – but is only ensured by our rigorous policy of quality standards that are enforced at every stage of work. Each task is documented and approved by our QA (quality assurance) team before advancing. We take our commitment to quality manufacturing seriously and no product leaves our factory without passing a comprehensive 70 point inspection. Our factory meets annual WDMA Hallmark certification performed by an independent inspection agency to verify standards of excellence in workmanship and documentation. 

Customer Service

At Blacksteel Architectural we’re focused on your needs, your ideas, your timeline and your budget. An experienced Project Manager will help you move smoothly and efficiently through all the phases of your project – from finalizing CAD drawings to planning your delivery. We pride ourselves on providing prompt service, comprehensive CAD drawings and one point communication. As builders ourselves, we understand the complexity of coordinating multiple tasks with multiple people and the frustration of delays. Our aim is that the only surprise you get, is how wonderful your doors and windows look and perform.

Safety & Security

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We take safety seriously. Blacksteel doors and windows are part of an effective strategy to protect your home because of the unparalleled strength of our steel frame, heavy-duty hinges and impact resistant glass. These products will not be penetrated by any number of men using a range of tools. You can also add wrought iron grillwork to all first floor windows for additional protection. Our multi-point locking hardware secures your door to the steel frame and are vastly superior to other locking mechanisms. Integral electronic locks and surveillance cameras will further augment your safety protocol. 

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is why we chose to work with steel. Steel is 100% recyclable and will last for generations with minimal maintenance or upkeep. It is the only material that can be reused an infinite number of times without any diminishment of its attributes. We use recycled steel in our production and we recycle 90% of material waste from production and administration. Recycling waste can actually increase costs, but it is part of our ethic to minimize our impact on the environment while still providing our customers with the best value for their money.

Sustainability has to be a way of life to be a way of business. Anand Mahindra.


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