What is a Swing Door?

Swing doors also called pivoted or a single action door can be used in different ways to meet various structural demands like accessibility and fire protection. BlackSteel offers swing doors that can be customized according to your needs. These doors are called swing doors because they can swing open in either direction. These doors are often used in passages and kitchen areas as they are perfect when there is no free hand to open or shut the door.

We offer customization options ranging from design, style to color, so that you can have a truly unique door that has a personal and customized touch to it. Swing doors can be designed to have automatic opening and manual opening.

  • Swing doors can be used both as interior and exterior doors
  • There are automated and manual swing doors
  • There are single swing doors and double swing doors

Automated Swing Doors

These doors can be used as exterior doors and interior doors. Automated doors come with break-out features, smoke and fire control features as well as security features that will add an extra layer of protection from unwelcome guests and even act as excellent emergency doors.

BlackSteel offers you the choice to select the design, style and color of the door so that it meets your specifications and requirements.

Swing Door
Swing Door

Advantages of Automatic Doors

If you decide to select an automated swing door instead of a manual one, it can improve the overall accessibility of a building, improve the standards of hygiene and ensure an entrance has no obstacles. As these doors come with regulated closing sequences and locking, you can rest easy knowing that your premises will be protected and secure.

Double Swing Doors

A double swing door can swing in two ways and is also called a double action door.

The doors, when attached to their hinges, are capable of swinging independently of each other in two directions.

These doors are an excellent solution to the issue of two way movements through an entrance, and helps both spaces maintain a certain level of privacy. Furthermore, these doors act as visual and sound barriers that separate different spaces effectively.

Double Action Hinges Vs Pivot Hinges

Double swing doors are mounted on pivot hinges or double action hinges, which lets the door swing in two directions and return to its original position in the center.

Double action hinges don’t need door stops or a door jamb. It is relatively easy to install double action hinges. Double swinging doors can be used in both traditional and modern entrances.

There are different double-action hinge choices for swinging doors. You can select the hold open or non hold open option depending on your requirements.

These doors are versatile and can be fitted in various places throughout residential and commercial spaces. These doors can be customized to fit in tight spaces and different entrances.

Why Select Swinging Doors?

Double swing doors are a great doorway solution if you are searching for a door that allows you to have both privacy and functionality.

Usually a double swing door is made so that it is just partially long, which means that air can flow freely underneath and above it. These doors come in various designs and colors which means you don’t need to change the entrance but can select a door that has the right dimensions.

You also don’t have to worry about shutting the door as these doors are designed to return to their original central position, which means that you won’t need to worry about open doors.

Swing doors are easy to use as the doors will always return to their original position in the center. Swinging doors also have the flexibility of being designed to have a modern, whimsical or a rustic flair. These doors have endless design options which makes them a great door to customize.

Double swing doors will allow for saving space for smaller spaces. Double swing doors will have smaller in swing and out swing which makes them ideal doors for tight spaces. Double swing doors can also swing independently of each other making them extremely accessible. These doors are a cost effective option to solve two way movement through entrances adding privacy to both spaces. These doors also provide a great visual and sound barrier between spaces.

It is important to select a door that matches your needs. Next we will look at a comparison between the swing door and the sliding door.

Comparison between the Swing Door and Sliding Door

Selecting the right door can be a confusing thing. Regardless of the fact that you might be building a new home or renovating yours, the perfect door will add aesthetic appeal and security to your residence or commercial space.

Having a clear idea about different door types and how they function will be helpful when you are selecting the right door for your building. Now let’s look at both swing doors and sliding doors to help you select the best option for you.

Swing Doors

Swing doors come as single panel and double panel swing doors and are great for large entrances and can have a dramatic impact on letting in natural light into your spaces. They can be made to allow both out swing and in swing options with a left and right hinge, which makes them ideal for both your home and business space.

At BlackSteel we offer customizable swing door options from which you can choose the right option for you.

Swing Door
Swing Door

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors allow you to seamlessly blend the outdoors with the indoors. These doors are also called bypass doors which can visually enlarge and make any space vibrant allowing unobstructed views of both inside and outside of the building.

At BlackSteel we offer you a wide range of choices from which you can choose a solution that fits your specific needs. Choosing between different types of doors is a choice that is influenced by preference, budget and architectural choices.

It is important to select a door that has longevity, aesthetic appeal and that can also enhance curb appeal which will increase the overall value of a property.


Sliding doors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor fixtures. They can be manufactured with or without thresholds so that it meets your specific requirements. These doors make excellent emergency doors with break out features that make them great for fire exits. They can also have anti burglary protection for enhanced security.

At BlackSteel, we offer doors and windows that can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. Are you interested in giving your home a new look? Or are you looking for doors and windows that have great aesthetic appeal and security for your new home?  Please visit our website to find out more about the wide range of doors and windows we offer or to speak with an expert feel free to call us at (855) 586 7224 to get in touch with us today! We at BlackSteel are more than happy to help you!


What do you call a door that swings both ways?

A door that swings both ways is called a swing door. They are also called pivoted or single action doors. Swing doors can be manufactured to have an automatic or manual opening.

What is a right hand swing door?

If the hinges of the swing door are on the Right side, the door moves away from you and can be said to be a right hand swing door.

What is a left swing door?

If the hinges of the door are on the Left side and the door moves towards you it can be called a left hand swing door.

How to determine the swing of a door?

An easy way to determine the swing of a door is if you push a door to enter it is called an inswing door if you have to pull a door to enter it is called an outswing door.

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