What is a Sliding Door?

Everything You Need to Know

Sliding doors have risen in popularity as a trending architectural feature both in homes and commercial spaces. They offer a perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics and spaciousness. This article will focus on sliding doors, exploring their different types and perks.

Sliding doors were very popular amongst ancient Japanese, and have risen in popularity once again. Sliding doors have become a common choice of interior designers and homeowners.

If you are looking into different types of doors and want to find out more about sliding doors, or simply want to know more about these doors, this guide arm you with information to make the right choice that suits your needs.

  • Sliding doors were once famous in ancient Japan
  • Sliding doors can be used as both exterior and interior doors
  • Sliding doors have risen in popularity

This article will take a closer look at sliding doors. Now let’s dive into more on sliding doors.

What is a sliding door?

A sliding door is a variety of Patio doors that move along a track horizontally. You only need to slide the door along the track to open and close these doors. Their design allows them to save space and maintain visual appeal which makes them a great choice for interior and exterior doors.

Sliding doors are crafted to allow a seamless transition between interior and exterior spaces, while letting in plenty of natural light as well as providing stunning outdoor views. They are often used  as a part of a balcony or patio entrance, allowing easy access to outdoor spaces.

The sleek design of these sliding doors have made it a sought after feature in modern homes, workspaces and business spaces. These doors have the capability of enhancing the overall visual appeal of a space while offering great practicality and functionality.

Often used as room dividers, closet doors and exterior access points, sliding doors have risen and continue to grow in popularity.

Now let’s look at why you might want to consider investing in sliding doors.

Why choose Sliding Doors?

Using sliding doors has many advantages compared to hinged doors. Let us explore some of these advantages below.

Sliding Door
Sliding Door

They save space

Sliding doors don’t require swing clearance which makes them ideal doors for tight spaces as they will allow for more floor space and flexibility.

They offer stunning views

Sliding doors, especially those made by steel can be made in very large sizes. These doors have the ability to offer jaw-dropping views of outdoor spaces, which is one of the key reasons behind their rise and growth in popularity.

They let in natural light

Sliding doors have the ability to brighten up spaces with natural light. They offer a great view of the outdoors, which will let in the beauty of the natural world.

Sliding doors are easy to operate

Sliding doors are crafted to glide smoothly along in their tracks and can be opened and closed with ease. This is a great advantage for those who have limited mobility.

Sliding doors have great Energy Efficiency

Sliding doors have the ability to provide great insulation. These doors minimize heat loss during cold winter months and reduce heat gain during warm summer months, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of your home reducing costs needed for heating and cooling.

Style and Versatility

Sliding doors come in various colors, designs and finishes that allow you to select the right style which  compliments the interior and exterior. You can select a door that can add a touch of elegance or traditional charm to your home or workspace.


Sliding doors can be customized depending on your preference and needs such as the size of the room.

Types of Sliding Doors

There are different types of sliding doors. Some of these include:

  • Sliding patio doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Pocket sliding doors
  • Stacker sliding doors

Door Material

The strength and durability of the door material is an important aspect to consider as it is directly linked to the security it offers. Strong and durable doors are difficult to break into.

Characteristics of Sliding Doors

Now let’s take a look at some of the key characteristics and benefits of investing in sliding doors.

Improved Spatial Comfort

Sliding doors make the use of space efficient as they slide along a track and don’t take up space to open. In cities where people live in residences with limited spaces, sliding doors can give a sense of enlarged space. Not only are these doors visually appealing, but they are also comparatively easy to install and maintain. These doors can help create an illusion of space.

Sliding Door
Sliding Door

Allows the entry of light

Sliding doors allow light that enters through them to brighten your home up. Natural light makes spaces look cozier and inviting. As these sliding doors can be fitted from floor to ceiling can provide a great view of your surroundings.


Sliding doors can be made according to your choices. This makes shifting things like furniture from room to room easier.

Low Maintenance

Sliding doors are very easy to maintain. It only requires a sponge, cloth and soapy water to clean the sliding door panels.

Aesthetic Appeal and variety

Sliding doors come in different designs. They can be crafted in different colors and customized to match your requirements. You can select from a range of sliding doors from pocket sliding doors to sliding bi fold doors.

Energy Efficiency

Sliding doors made of materials like steel helps with both heat loss and gain. During hot summers these doors will not let hot air come indoors and during cold winters they will  keep interior environments warm by trapping heat. This will conserve energy improving energy efficiency as these doors help reduce energy consumption due to heating and cooling, saving you additional costs on your energy bills.

Difference between sliding doors and normal doors?

Sliding doors work on tracks with one panel usually fixed in place, whereas normal doors work opening inwards or outwards by hinge.

What is the difference between Patio doors and Sliding doors?

Sliding doors are a kind of Patio door that have two to three panels that slide over each other, while one panel remains static.

Cost of sliding doors

The cost of sliding doors vary according to the design, color and style you select. You might want to consult an expert and research on different options to select the door that meets your requirement.

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What does sliding doors mean?

Sliding doors are doors that open and close by sliding instead of swinging on hinges. There are many different types of sliding doors such as sliding patio doors, bi-fold doors, pocket sliding doors and stacker sliding door.s

What is the standard size of a sliding glass door?

A standard sliding glass door is eighty inches tall and sixty to seventy two inches wide, depending on the space. Most door frames are measured to ensure door replacements are convenient

What is the best lubricant for a sliding glass door?

This depends on the material of the sliding door. You might want to consult an expert to recommend the best lubricant for your specific sliding door. It’s best to research well before selecting the right lubricant for your sliding door.

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