Swing Doors

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The Swing door is a classic hinged door with elegant and time-honored functionality. They are appropriate for both exterior or interior use. Choose between double or single doors, Modern or Historic design. Steel framed French doors are very popular as a divider between rooms or for access to a patio. Entryways can include fixed or operable sidelights and transoms in any combination – either connected or separated. Units may have straight, arched or curved tops and divided lites (muntins). All design elements will be coordinated throughout your project for a total integrated presentation.

EuroLite swing door panels are supported on welded steel hinges with brass bearings. Custom made hardware delivers superior performance. All EuroLite exterior doors utilize our patented dual perimeter seals to prevent the incursion of sound, air, water and dust. Our Eco-Max and Eco-Slim profiles both accept the outstanding GU multipoint locking system and a full range of dual or triple pane glazing options. Eco-Max entry doors can also include a threshold of various widths. EuroLite swing or French doors are a smart design decision throughout the entire home. 

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  • Classic, time honored
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Smooth operating welded hinges
  • Good for exterior and interior installations
  • Low maintenance
  • Maximum light, minimum frame
  • Four profile choices to suit your application
  • GU multipoint available on Eco-Max
  • Quick Install
Swing Doors
Swing Doors 1


  • Welded steel hinges with brass bearings
  • Interior mounted slide-bolts for security
  • Accommodates GU multipoint locking*
  • Can be bored for other locking mechanisms
  • Full choice of glazing types.
  • Durable finish with zinc galvanized base
  • NFRC, NAFS and
  • TAS certifications
  • 1/2” FDL muntins available
  • Available in 4 profiles (dependent of size)

Historic Entry Doors

EuroLite Historic entry doors utilize laser cut steel profiles combined with hand forged components to make stunningly beautiful entryways. These decorative entry doors will add distinction to both the modern or traditional home. They can be very ornate with detailed scrollwork, or elegantly simple, using geometric lines. Either way, they provide the highest level of security while showcasing a completely original design of your choosing.

All our exterior steel doors have the most effective thermal barrier against heat conduction in the industry. EuroLite Historic entry doors combine the highest energy efficiency available with old-world craftsmanship. These doors are also available for interior use and we have many wine room motifs. EuroLite swing or French doors meet or exceed the most demanding residential building standards in the US. When you want a door that exudes quality and has flawless functionality, consider a EuroLite Swing door.

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Residential Commercial Doors

Example Configurations

Example Configurations swing doors 1
Example Configurations swing doors 2

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