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Steel Frames

Blacksteel exterior windows are uniquely engineered to have the narrowest sight lines possible – as narrow as 1” – while still providing maximum insulation. The ‘sight line’ is the width of the visible frame around the glass. Aluminum cannot produce pencil thin lines nor can it offer the structural strength to support oversized glass. The tensile strength of common steel ranges from 400 to 500 MPa (58,000 to 72,500 psi), while aluminum is typically around 90 MPa (13,000 psi). This means that steel withstands approximately 5x’s the stress of aluminum. Additionally, our proprietary dual chambered design enhances the stiffness of our steel frames up to 4x’s greater than frames made by other companies. The stiffness of the Blacksteel frame is the critical factor for creating the narrowest sightlines and unobtrusive framing. This design feature truly puts Blacksteel windows in a league of their own. 

Superior Glazing

Today’s glass industry offers a wide range of options unavailable only a few years ago. In our energy conscious era, glass production has undergone major improvements in quality, purity, thermal rating and innovative special coatings. The insulating glass unit or IGU, along with the thermal break construction of the steel frame, control the overall energy efficiency of a window. Our IGU’s utilize a range of glass types to control thermal transfer, UV blocking, Solar transmission and Sound inhibition based on the needs of each client. Blacksteel continues to invest in the very latest developments in glass technologies to provide optimal thermal performance in our windows and glass panels. Steel windows have a far longer lifespan than vinyl or aluminum ones that makes these windows an excellent investment in terms of energy savings and maintenance costs. Choosing Blacksteel framed windows is also one of the most impactful design decisions you can make for your home. With less frame and more glass, you’ll enjoy the benefits of natural light and expansive views. In either historic renovation or new construction, Blacksteel windows are up to the challenge.

High Tech Construction

Our proprietary dual chambered “Eco-Slim” and “Eco-Max” construction is renowned for achieving U Factors as low as 0.18. In today’s climate extremes, whether you need to keep your home cool in sweltering summers, or warm in frigid winters, Blacksteel delivers top energy efficiency along with elegant style. Our proprietary thermal break system utilizes an 18 mm fiber/polymer insulator between two separate steel chambers. This dual chambered steel construction is significantly stronger than other steel fabricated windows enabling us to offer oversize installations. Our specially designed bi-vane weather stripping and D seals guarantee that neither air nor water will penetrate past your windows or doors. Our cutting edge technology produces outstanding windows that outperform in both residential and commercial applications. With enhanced structural integrity, Blacksteel windows can be as large as your vision.

Insulating Gas

Our IGU’s are composed of two or three panes of glass separated by Swiss designed “Warm-edge” spacers, sealed together at the edges. The space between the panes is filled with either air, argon or krypton gas, depending on your insulation requirement. Argon and Krypton are both denser than air and therefore improve the insulating capacity of the IGU. When argon gas fill is used in a low-e IGU, the window’s u-value is improved by approximately 16%. Krypton gas is even more dense and more difficult to fill, but it improves the u-value in a low-e IGU by up to 27%. Using krypton gas, our triple pane IGU’s can be thinner than most dual pane windows and have higher insulation ratings. Each glass pane has two surfaces, so typical double-paned IGUs have four surfaces. Combined with low-e glass coatings, these gases help improve the window’s overall u-value, which is the way heat transmission is measured through a building part – such as a wall or window. The lower the u-value, the greater the insulation of the glass unit. Blacksteel Windows are rated with U values as low as 0.18, depending on your glazing choices. The bottom line in the science of glazing and thermal transfer, is that glass by itself has relatively poor thermal resistance, so additional elements are necessary to achieve the degree of insulation and energy efficiency that makes the modern steel framed window not only an elegant choice, but a energy saving choice.   

Blacksteel Certifications

Blacksteel submits itself to 3rd party annual testing and certification which gives you an objective way of verifying the quality of our goods and whether we have the best fit for the needs of your building and location. It also allows you to objectively compare our products to those of another company offering similar products. We want you to know that the aesthetic appeal of our windows is matched by verifiable performance. All our windows are certified by NFRC, NAFS and TAS. See more about Our Certifications.

We offer a wide range of glazing options as well as a choice of dual or triple pane units filled with either argon or krypton gas to meet your insulation needs. All glass is installed in factory to prevent potential damage on-site and quality assurance. Your project manager will help tailor your glazing choice to perfectly suit your climate zone, window orientation and design aesthetics. See more about Blacksteel glazing. 

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