What is the Most Energy-Efficient Sliding Glass Door?

The energy efficiency of your home is important not just because it helps create a cosy and comfortable environment but because it also helps cut down energy usage from your home.

Sliding glass doors offer great influx of natural light into spaces and glide along quietly and smoothly as they allow access through them.

If you are looking for a way to transform your home by including eco friendly and energy efficient features, you might want to consider investing in energy efficient doors and windows. Energy efficient doors come in elegant designs and features that allow energy efficiency and low emissivity.

The heat within a home mostly escapes from exterior doors and windows and this can have a great impact on energy efficiency. This is a fact that you must take into consideration when selecting sliding doors or patio doors, to ensure that you select the most energy efficient product. Selecting an energy efficient door will help reduce the overall energy usage of your home by cutting down the energy needed for heating and cooling your home. This can help save additional costs needed to heat or cool your home.

The energy efficiency of sliding doors can be enhanced through the use of proper installation methods and door frame material.

This article will discuss the perks of having energy efficient sliding glass doors in your home.

  • Having energy efficient doors can help you save additional costs needed to heat and cool spaces.
  • Energy efficiency and eco friendliness go hand in hand.
  • There are different types of sliding glass doors which vary in energy efficiency.

If you want to learn more about energy efficiency sliding glass doors read on. This article focuses on different aspects of energy efficient sliding glass doors.

Why focus on Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is important because it has a direct impact on the environment and your bills.

Low energy efficiency can lead to higher use of energy than is necessary to keep your home warm and comfortable, and that a home releases energy into the environment.

Ensuring that your sliding doors are energy efficient will reduce the energy required to heat your home.

The energy efficiency of your home can have an impact on

  • The cost of your electricity bills
  • The temperature of the interior of your home
  • Impact on the environment

Having energy efficient doors and windows is one of the important and easiest ways to have a positive impact on the environment.

If you decide to invest in more energy efficient doors, you will notice significant improvements in the areas mentioned above. Choosing energy efficient doors can be your way of helping combat climate change and its adverse effects while saving energy costs. Investing in energy efficient doors is a great win-win situation.

Energy efficient doors use less energy allowing you to save costs that might be spent on additional energy needed to heat and cool your home. These savings can be used to improve the quality of your life.

Sliding Glass Door
Sliding Glass Door

How is energy efficiency measured in sliding doors?

The energy efficiency of sliding doors are measured by taking a  look at their U-Value. The U-Value gives more details on how effectively doors and windows contribute towards helping to reduce heat loss and maintaining an energy efficient home.


A U-Value is a measurement of heat transmission through surfaces. A low U-Value indicated enhanced energy efficiency. This suggests that less heat is transmitted through surfaces. This is something you must keep in mind when choosing a door or window to be installed in your home, especially if large glass panes are involved as with sliding doors.

Factors to keep in mind when selecting the most energy efficient sliding glass doors?

Sliding doors have gained and continue to grow in popularity in the realm of modern home design. Sliding doors are doors that slide open.

Parts of the house such as the patio will greatly benefit from having a highly energy efficient door installed.

Not all sliding door types are the same and therefore there are a number of things you might want to take into account before selecting a sliding glass door.

Material and Frame

A lot of sliding doors are made with glass panes, it is important to consider the material used as  door frame material. Steel is one of the strongest and best materials to use for sliding doors as it also provides a good level of energy efficiency. BlackSteel doors are made with strength.


The method in which glass sliding doors are installed can have a direct impact on its energy efficiency. If they aren’t installed well, there might be gaps in the fixtures which let in external air and let out the heat within your home.

It is best to consult a professional to install these doors and configure them to meet the requirements of your home.

Low emissivity glass

Sliding doors with low emissivity glass are designed to prevent loss of heat.

Patio Doors and French Doors

If you are in the process of moving furniture into your home or hosting events where there will be lots of people, you might be limited by the width of the patio slider. French doors can provide wider openings depending on how they have been designed.

It is key to remember that different manufacturers make different sliding door alternatives that are more expensive but are nevertheless associated with this door style. A two panel French door can be opened twice as much as two panel sliding patio doors if these doors are movable.

Sliding Glass Door
Sliding Glass Door

Bifold doors

A bifold door has two or more panels that are held together by hinges at the end. As these doors slide open, the panel can fold or stack at one side, These are straightened out again once you begin to close the door.

These doors are used in both workspaces and residential buildings to enhance aesthetic appeal and functionality.

These doors open up across a whole wall improving access and letting in fresh air. These doors can also be used as separators between spaces by adding opaque or translucent glass panels to add an extra layer of privacy.

Right-Hand Sliding Door

These doors function best in the patio door panel on the side that faces away from a structure. They come with external handles, jamb, weather stripping, keyed locks and insect screens. The opposite side of this door has interior knobs.

Sliding French Door

The Two panel sliding French door can be opened nearly twice as much as a two panel sliding patio door if both of them are moveable. Their layout is great for moving objects between them and for accommodating crowds for events.

An energy efficient sliding glass door can be enhanced to further save energy by using the right material in their construction.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What does sliding doors mean?

Sliding doors are doors that open and close by sliding instead of swinging on hinges. There are many different types of sliding doors such as sliding patio doors, bi-fold doors, pocket sliding doors and stacker sliding doors.

What are the dimensions of a standard sliding glass door?

The standard size of a sliding glass door is 80 inches in height and 60 -72 inches in width.

What is the standard size of a sliding glass door?

A standard sliding glass door is eighty inches tall and sixty to seventy two inches wide, depending on the space. Most door frames are measured to ensure door replacements are convenient

What is the best lubricant for a sliding glass door?

This depends on the material of the sliding door. You might want to consult an expert to recommend the best lubricant for your specific sliding door. It’s best to research well before selecting the right lubricant for your sliding door.

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