Blacksteel Glass Walls & Partitions

“Design should never say, “Look at me!” It should always say, “Look at this!” .— David Craib

Let there be Light!

Blacksteel creates stunning exterior glass walls that can provide a home with dramatic views. A window wall blurs the line between inside and out and makes the room part of a larger landscape. Designing rooms with folding or sliding glass doors that seamlessly integrate with adjacent fixed windows, not only looks gorgeous but has a positive effect on both health and mood. Such walls of Light can be built around chimneys or other architectural features and offer virtually unlimited inspiration. 


You can extend the experience of light throughout the home by using sound dampening interior glass partitions and glass doors. Whether you wish to have your wine collection more visible and accessible, or enclose a dining area as part of a larger family room – the options for glass walls and partitions are endless!  Our interior glass walls and partitions utilize our proprietary steel profiles, therefore, they have the same structural integrity and narrow sight lines, as our exterior IGUs. 


Glass units can be connected to one another directly, or separated by other building elements. For instance, you can create an entire room within a larger room for a dedicated use, such as a home office or music room. Glass panels are essential in offices or apartments where natural light is limited. Interior glass lets natural light extend deeper into the home or office. Sight lines are coordinated with exterior windows, glass patio doors or entry doors, creating a cohesive and integrated look. 

Our team of advisors can guide you on technical issues to help you create the ideal design for your home or business.

Sound Reduction

In the modern home or office, the requirement for distinct but connected spaces is more popular than ever. Our interior glass wall partitions can have enhanced sound transmission control if desired. Rather than monolithic glass, we laminate two dissimilar thickness panes together with a sound dampening polymer (PVB) interlayer. This doesn’t affect the visual quality of the glass, but significantly reduces sound transmission – achieving minimal STC ratings of 40-45 or the equivalent of two layers of dry wall. In addition, our interior glass doors have perimeter seals that effectively control “flanking” (sound passing around the door perimeter) so one environment won’t impinge upon the next. This technology improves sound transmission up to three times greater than single pane glass. If greater sound control is desired, additional measures can be taken and one of our engineers will work with you to meet your specific needs. 

Interior Partitions with Muntins

Glass partitions or doors can be used between any two adjacent rooms where different activities are going on but where visual contact is desired, such as a kitchen and dining area. For easy access between rooms, swing, sliding or multifold glass doors can be added. In some cases, the glass walls, folding doors or partitions need to be made more obviously visible to prevent people or children from accidentally walking into the glass. In such cases, we recommend the glass panels be divided with ‘muntins’ to visually separate the glass into smaller rectangles. Muntins increase safety by indicating there is a physical barrier while also providing an interesting design element. 

“An idea is a salvation by imagination.” — Frank Lloyd Wright

Electronic Switchable Glass

Wherever you have interior glass walls or partitions another valuable option is to install electronic switchable glass or ‘smart’ glass. This operates to turn your glass black so that someone outside the room or partition cannot see inside – at the touch of a button. Commonly used in offices, electronic switchable glass can be switched to black, or to appear as a mirror to whomever is on the other side of the glass. This is vital to provide privacy as well as safety since people won’t accidentally walk into a mirror.  Smart glass technology is an active glass technology that switches states using electricity. The unique particles or molecules inside our films scatter or align as films are turned on and off, allowing for opacity or transparency.

This feature comes with wall mounted Touch Panels and RF Remotes for versatile control of ‘smart glass’ to suit the needs of every user, providing:​

  • Control of single or multiple glasses and segments​
  • Remotes with long range RF control
  • On/off and dimming functionalities
  • WIFI enabled for easy syncing with automation system like Alexa and Google Home​
  • Available as remote only, or touch panels + remotes

Need an elegantly built custom made Door and Window solution?

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