The Gateway to Your Home: A Guide to Exterior Doors

Your home’s exterior door isn’t just an entry point to your home, it influences the first impression someone has of your home, it’s a statement piece. Ideally it should be a blend of security, style and functionality. Whether wood, fiberglass or steel, it’s best to explore the options and select what’s right for your home.

From ornate designs to minimalist ones, exterior doors offer a canvas for personal expression. When choosing exterior doors it’s important to select the perfect entryway that welcomes, protects and complements your home and its unique design.

Your home’s exterior door serves as an important link between your private sanctuary and the outside world at large. It’s not just a barrier, but it also speaks volumes of your style while adding to the safety and comfort of your home.

Exterior doors at their best blend architectural charm with practicality, not only creating a great first impression but also welcoming and protecting those near and dear to you.

It’s best to select an exterior door that harmonizes your home’s character while ensuring peace of mind and while having a great aesthetic appeal. Your home’s exterior door serves as the threshold between the outside world and your private world, which is your home. It can also be said to reflect your style and your preferences.

Ideally the best exterior doors are made to protect and secure, blending elegance and practicality with safety and durability in a single inviting facade.

This article hopes to delve into the diverse characteristics that make an exterior door a great choice for your home.

Things you might want to consider when choosing exterior doors:

●      Durability

●      Security

●      Energy efficiency

○      Insulation

○      Low – E Glass

○      Energy Star certification

●      Aesthetic appeal

○      Modern design

○      Balance of function and form

○      Curb appeal

●      Customization

○      Styles and designs

○      Finishes

●      Low maintenance

○      Weather resistance

○      Easy cleaning

○      Longevity

●      Weather resistance

○      Durability in harsh conditions

○      Corrosion resistance

○      Impact resistance

Our own front door can be a wonderful thing, or a sight we dread; rarely is it only a door.”

Jeanette Winterson

Durability – Exterior Doors

Ideally exterior doors should be made of a high quality material like steel to withstand harsh weather conditions. BlackSteel exterior doors are thermally broken to conserve energy, which makes it a great choice if you experience extreme weather conditions.

Additionally they have the ability to resist warping, rotting and rusting, ensuring long term durability, unlike exterior doors made from alternative materials such as wood.

Exterior doors should be durable and strong. Steel doors are the best choice if you are looking for doors that are strong and durable. They also come ahead in terms of resilience against weather, intruders and general wear and tear which makes steel doors a great choice over doors made from wood or fiberglass.

BlackSteel exterior doors come with wooden cores which makes them more durable and resistant to damage. It also comes with a zinc coating that makes it resistant to rust scratches and other environmental factors. Steel doors also have the longest lifespan of all exterior doors compared to doors made from alternative materials such as wood and fiberglass.

 Exterior Doors
Exterior Doors

Security – Exterior Doors

One of the key functions of exterior doors should be to keep your loved ones and assets safe from unwelcome guests. These doors stand as the first line of defense, safeguarding your home against intruders and external threats.

Ideally exterior doors should have sturdy frames and hinges, and strong material like steel to create a formidable barrier against forced entry attempts. Compared to wood and fiberglass steel comes ahead in terms of strength and therefore security too,

BlackSteel exterior doors are made to enhance the security of your home by combining robust material and features with quality craftsmanship.

Exterior steel doors come with locks and bolts as well as reinforced frames, which can protect your home against intruders. If you value the security of your home, then you might wish to choose steel doors that are more secure than doors made from other alternative door materials, such as wood and fiberglass.

Exterior steel doors create a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. These doors can be customized with advanced security enhancements such as multipoint locking systems providing homeowners guaranteed safety and peace of mind that comes with it as an added bonus.

The best exterior doors undergo rigorous quality checks to meet industry standards. At BlackSteel we ensure that this holds true with our products. Not only should these doors fortify your home but ideally should serve as visual deterrents, and steel doors are ideal to this.

Energy Efficiency – Exterior Doors

Exterior doors play a key role in a home’s energy efficiency by contributing to insulation and climate control. Optimal energy efficient doors exhibit several key features.

Insulation – Exterior Doors

Exterior doors should be designed with material that offer excellent insulation properties, which reduces heat transfer from indoors to outdoors. Enhanced insulation helps maintain a comfortable home environment indoors all year round, which will reduce the reliance on heating and cooling systems. BlackSteel doors are thermally broken and have excellent energy conservation properties which makes them extremely energy efficient. This makes these doors an ideal choice if you are looking for a product that will help enhance energy efficiency and cut costs on your electricity bills.

Low – E Glass

Doors with Low – E (Low Emissivity) glass panels or glazing effectively control heat transfer allowing natural light while minimizing heat gain or heat loss and can help reduce energy costs for lighting and well as heating and cooling and help maintain a comfortable environment indoors.

Energy Star Certification

Energy efficient doors are usually Energy Star certified. We at BlackSteel are proud to say that our doors and windows are Energy Star Certified.This certification guarantees that a product meets stringent energy efficiency guidelines, and potentially qualifies homeowners for energy saving incentives or rebates.

Aesthetic Appeal

Exterior doors contribute significantly to a home’s aesthetic appeal, serving as a focal point that blends style and functionality in a seamless way.

Modern design

Most of us prefer to go with the times and have a modern look to our homes. Out of all the door material, exterior steel doors do this best as they offer clean lines, minimalist features and sleek finishes that complement contemporary architectural styles

Balance of function and form

Exterior doors that are aesthetically pleasing shouldn’t compromise on functionality. They must seamlessly marry beauty with security, energy efficiency and durability. If you compare all door materials it can be argued that steel doors do it best as they come ahead in security, energy efficiency and durability when compared with other alternative door materials such as fiberglass and wood.

Curb appeal

Well-designed exterior doors contribute significantly to curb appeal, making them give off a memorable first impression and elevates the attractiveness of a home’s facade.

Steel doors are ideal for this as they can maintain curb appeal over a long period of time due to their great durability and weather resistance. Steel doors can retain their appearance over a long period of time with minimum maintenance as they are resistant to fading, warping and rotting.


Customization options for exterior doors offer homeowners the chance to tailor essential elements to their specific preferences, style and functional needs. Some of the key features of customization are:

Styles and designs

From traditional panel doors to modern sleek designs, exterior doors come in a variety of styles. BlackSteel offers a range of stylish and sleek exterior doors including awning doors, casement doors, bifold doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, swing doors and pocket sliding doors.


Ideally it’s best if homeowners could select the colors of their exterior doors to complement the home’s exterior palette or create a striking contrast for a standout entrance. BlackSteel offers homeowners the chance to select the finish and the colors of their doors according to their preference.

Low maintenance

If you are living a busy life then every minute matters to you. Ideally it’s best to invest in doors that require low maintenance, especially if you have little to no time to spend cleaning doors. Out of all the materials external doors are made such as wood and fiberglass, steel doors are the easiest to maintain, making it a great choice for those looking for an option that requires minimum maintenance.

Weather resistance

External doors have to deal with extreme and harsh outdoor conditions. These doors need to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Steel doors are ideal if you live in areas that experience extreme weather conditions as they are strong and can maintain their aesthetic appeal with minimum maintenance effort on your part for a long time.

Easy cleaning

If you are leading a busy life then it’s best if your external doors are easy to clean, saving you much valuable time and resources needed to maintain your doors in good condition. Steel doors are an ideal option if you are looking for doors that are easy to clean because they have smooth surfaces that can be cleaned with ease using mild soap and water, requiring minimal effort to maintain their appearance


High quality construction material contributes to the longevity of an external door, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. Steel doors have a longer lifespan compared to doors made with alternative door materials such as wood and fiberglass. Steel doors also don’t need to be frequently repaired and replaced when compared to wood and fiberglass doors.

Weather resistance

Exterior doors have to deal with outdoor weather conditions that can sometimes turn harsh. Steel doors are highly resilient to extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind unlike doors made from fiberglass and wood which are more easily damaged by these compared to steel doors.

Durability in harsh conditions

Exterior  doors should be able to deal with harsh weather conditions with minimum damage. Steel doors come ahead of  other door materials such as wood and fiberglass as they don’t warp, crack or rot as much as other types of doors.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is a great quality for an exterior door to have because it is in direct contact with moisture from rain, hail and snow. Modern steel doors have the ability to resist rust formation even in coastal areas. BlackSteel doors have this quality as they are zinc coated and sand blasted to ensure resistance to corrosion.

 Exterior Doors
Exterior Doors

Impact resistance

Exterior doors are subject to natural and manmade pressures that they must have the ability to withstand. When compared to other door material steel doors are inherently resistant to impact, making them less susceptible to damage such as hail, flying debris during storms or accidental knocks.

These are some of the key characteristics you should ideally consider before investing in an external door. An external door creates a lasting impression in the mind of others so it’s best to invest in the best to make a lasting impression that counts. When considering all the characteristics, it can be said confidently that steel doors check more boxes than doors made of alternative door materials such as wood and fiberglass.


What are the main types of steel doors offered by BlackSteel?

BlackSteel offers different types of exterior and interior steel doors. Exterior door varieties include awning doors, casement doors, bifold doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, swing doors and pocket sliding doors. Interior steel door varieties include swig doors, bifold doors, sliding doors, pocket sliding doors and fixed units.


What are the main advantages of steel entry doors?

Steel entry doors have lots of advantages including

Seamless integration with modern and traditional spaces:Their simple design complements both traditional and modern architectural styles. BlackSteel products have simple and clean designs that make them have great aesthetic appeal. BlackSteel products blend in seamlessly into different architectural designs and styles of different buildings making them a great choice for different types of spaces.

Steel entry doors are also durable and strong, which makes it an excellent choice if you are looking for a door that can keep you safe and withstand physical damage.

Steel doors can also withstand the impact of extreme weather conditions, which makes it a great choice for you if you are looking for a door that can withstand the impact of rain, hail, storms and snow in the long run.

When comparing, steel doors are a more eco-friendly choice as they don’t need to be replaced as often as wood or  fiberglass doors and the recycling process of steel is much more efficient than that of wood or fiberglass.

Steel entry doors are also great at conserving energy which means that they can be a wise choice in terms of financial choices in the long run as they can conserve energy and reduce the cost that might need to be spent on additional heating and cooling.

Are steel doors affordable?

Though initial costs of thermally broken steel doors might be higher than alternative product types, their longevity and low maintenance cost makes them a great long term investment. In addition, their energy efficiency compared to alternative products results in significant savings in energy costs. This makes steel doors a wise choice to invest in the long run as you will be saving additional costs required for heating and cooling your home or workspace. You can use these savings to improve the quality of your life, making steel doors not only a wise financial choice but also a great lifestyle choice.

Is it difficult to maintain steel entry doors?

It is important to take care of the steel door to ensure longevity and best performance. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water will protect the door with window and secure it against dirt buildup and help maintain its aesthetically pleasing exterior. You can have professional cleaners come and clean it for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. If you take the time to maintain your steel door it will last for a long time, that is for several decades without the need of being replaced unlike doors made from alternative materials. This makes steel doors a convenient and cost effective choice in the long run.

Are steel doors difficult  to install?

The installation of a BlackSteel door usually requires a professional who has the expertise to install it. The precise measurements and alignments need to be taken into account during the installation process to ensure proper performance. A professional will make sure that your door is installed properly so that you can reap the maximum benefits of having a steel door.

Where can I get more information about this?

There are many different resources online as well as offline to find out more about steel doors. Manufacturer websites usually provide detailed product specifications, installation guidelines as well as best practices. Consulting a professional door installer will allow you to gain a deeper insight as well as valuable recommendations. There are many videos available online too, where you can experience the aesthetic appeal as well as learn helpful tips and information about steel doors.

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