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Dual Chambered Design

The Blacksteel basic frame used in all exterior doors and windows is in a league all of its own. Two parallel chambers are pressure bonded on either side of our thermal break. This additional structure improves the stiffness of our steel construction by 4x’s – compared to the standard thermally broken steel frame. This allows us to safely create larger units with more glass and less steel.  Our thermal break is augmented with high tech Insulated glass and triple perimeter seals. There is no better way to stop heat transfer or the incursion of air and water. You’ll appreciate the power of this design  when you close one of our doors or windows – while they move with the lightest touch, you’ll feel as protected as in Fort Knox.

Integral Insulation

Insulated Glass Unit, 2-3 panes with argon or krypton fill.

Thermal Break, stops heat transfer through frame.

Bi-Vane Weather Strip, prevents air and water incursion.

D Seals, cushions against heat transfer.

(PLEASE NOTE; Colors are for illustraion purposes only, seals and thermal break are charcoal, glass is neutral)

Our 3 profiles each have different qualities to suit the application:

Eco Max thumb


Blacksteel’s primary profile. With a sightline height of 1.5 inches, it is suitable for all sizes of exterior doors and windows.

Eco Slim thumb


Blacksteel’s narrowest profile. With a sightline height is just 1inch, it is suitable for windows and doors up to 100” tall.

Trimline thumb


This is typically used for interior partitions and has no thermal break and a sightline height of 1 inch. It can replace Historic on units up to 100”.

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Keeping Heat in its Place

Your climate may have icy winters or blistering summers, but even in the mildest climates, energy costs continue to rise. The technology available for homes built today, achieves levels of thermal efficiency, unimaginable just ten years ago. Our specially enhanced perimeter seals provide the most effective barrier against both air and water incursion. In addition to thermal D seals, heavy duty vane seals further protect against water and air infiltration, even when there is a strong pressure differential between the inside and outside of the building.

With NFRC Certification and Energy Star Ratings, you can be sure you are making the best choice with Blacksteel fenestration.

World Class Glazing

Cat Window 2

Blacksteel Architectural IGUs (Insulated Glass Units) use world class Low E and Solar Control glass to provide optimum thermal values while retaining excellent light transmission and clarity. We pay attention to little details, such as our “Warm-Edge” spacers. Spacers separate glass panes and warm edge spacers are 10 x’s better at insulation than aluminum spacers, which is most commonly used. We provide a choice of argon or krypton gas fill in our IGUs and use dual vane seals for air tight perimeter sealing. 

Our high-tech glass options, special coatings, ‘Warm-Edge’ spacers and superior gas fill between panes, all combine to maximize our insulation performance. Blacksteel is able to deliver U- Factors as low as 0.18 – surpassing most other manufacturers. The glazing on all our doors and windows is installed under rigorously controlled conditions, guaranteeing that all our glazing meets the highest performance standards. So if glass is an important element in your design, speak to Blacksteel, and exceed your expectations.

Blacksteel Construction/Non Thermally Broken Steel Options

For interior partions and for some exterior units in mild climates, two non-thermally broken steel frame types are available, HISTORIC and TRIMLINE.

With a sightline height of 1” and overall frame thickness of less than 1 1/2“, TRIMLINE is a very elegant solutuon for interior doors and partitions. HISTORIC can also be replace by TRIMLINE on units up to 100” high.

These frames do not have NFRC ratings or energy star.. Ask your project manager if you think these designs might be appropriate for your project.

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As the owner/builders of our home I can say your customer service was wonderful during the entire process. We love our door and your price was very reasonable. We show the door to everyone who stops by to see the house.


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